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STEP 1. Take scalp images

5 minutes, no shaving, no epilation, no biopsy needed.

STEP 2. Upload images

With a single mouse click directly from your FotoFinder software.

STEP 3. Get the Report

Quantitate patient‘s problem with the conclusion from trichoscopy experts.

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No setup fee, no obligations. FotoFinder needed.

I use trichoscopy as a standard starting procedure for patients with hair problems and TrichoLAB provides the most valuable data.

Dr Hussein Ben Amer, PhD

It is hard to overestimate the value of trichoscopy in making a precise diagnosis, as well as monitoring hair disorder treatment.

dr Justyna Sicinska, PhD


TrichoLAB has become exclusive partner of FotoFinder Systems in the field of trichoscopy analyses. FotoFinder Systems GmbH since 1991 is a global leader in the field of videodermoscopy. FotoFinder unites state-of-the-art technology with software, hardware and camera technology. TrichoLAB service works with all FotoFinder systems, however new FotoFinder Trichovision system is dedicated especially to hair diagnostics and has direct connection with TrichoLAB.

FotoFinder Trichovision includes digital camera technology for videotrichoscopy with an accuracy of half a micron. Exclusively for FotoFinder customers, the TrichoLAB service team offers a detailed trichoscopic evaluation for diagnosis.

  • Unsurpassed quality and unmatched accuracy in trichoscopy
  • Extensive measurement and analysis functions
  • Calculation of hair density, thickness and follicular units
  • Video trichogram with in depth reports
  • Direct link to the TrichoLAB second opinion service
  • Extensive support for your practice marketing
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