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Ramón Grimalt
International University of Catalonia

Professor of dermatology at the International University of Catalonia UIC. His scientific publications include 9 books, 42 chapters in 20 books and 138 scientific articles and 84 abstracts published from participations in congresses. Invited speaker in 123 international congresses and in 40 national ones. Member of 18 Scientific Societies (e.g. Coordinator of the Spanish Tricology Group, Catalan Association of Dermatology, Spanish Group of Dermatology and Image, Board Member of the European Hair Research Society, Secretary European Society of Pediatric Dermatology). His current research is focused on Trichology (study of hair disorders). Non-executive director of the Oxford Hair Foundation. Pioneer in the field of medical informatics. Also, as a professional musician participant of different Jazz festivals.

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Selected publications:

  • A Review of Platelet-Rich Plasma: History, Biology, Mechanism of Action, and Classification. Alves R, Grimalt R. Skin Appendage Disord. 2018 Jan;4(1):18-24.
  • The Dermoscopic 'Pluck Out Sign' for Beard Trichotillomania. Cutrone M, Grimalt R. Skin Appendage Disord. 2018 Jan;4(1):15-17.
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  • Platelet-Rich Plasma in Combination With 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution and 1 mg Oral Finasteride for the Treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Half-Head Study. Alves R, Grimalt R. Dermatol Surg. 2018 Jan;44(1):126-130.
  • Isolated Unpigmented Trichomegaly of the Groin in 3 Patients. Grimalt R. Skin Appendage Disord. 2017 Jan;2(3-4):135-136.
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  • The effectiveness of finasteride and dutasteride used for 3 years in women with androgenetic alopecia. Boersma IH, Oranje AP, Grimalt R, Iorizzo M, Piraccini BM, Verdonschot EH. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 2014 Nov-Dec;80(6):521-5.
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  • Alopecia and hypotrichosis as characteristic findings in Woodhouse-Sakati syndrome: report of a family with mutation in the C2orf37 gene. Nanda A, Pasternack SM, Mahmoudi H, Ishorst N, Grimalt R, Betz RC.
  • Monilethrix: A New Family with the Novel Mutation in KRT81 Gene. Ferrando J, Galve J, Torres-Puente M, Santillán S, Nogués S, Grimalt R. Int J Trichology. 2012 Jan;4(1):53-5.
  • Skin academy: hair, skin, hormones and menopause - current status/knowledge on the management of hair disorders in menopausal women. Blume-Peytavi U, Atkin S, Gieler U, Grimalt R. Eur J Dermatol. 2012 May-Jun;22(3):310-8.
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Selected books: