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TrichoLAB is the leading brand in the field of hair and scalp analysis using trichoscopy. It is the partner hair lab of FotoFinder Systems GmbH, the global epitome of cutting-edge skin visualization technology.

Using FotoFinder imaging technology, we take hair research, clinical trials for hair imaging, as well as the diagnostics and consultation of hair and scalp disorders to a whole new level in terms of accuracy and convenience.

Based on the qualitative and statistical evaluation of a set of videodermoscopic images of the scalp, we provide a sophisticated trichoscopy report on the patient’s condition. Enjoy the benefits of the automatic computerized image analysis and the second opinion service from one of our experts. Whether you offer your patients surgical or non-surgical treatments, the TrichoLAB service is a non-invasive, reliable and fast solution!

Learn more about TrichoLAB and experience hair diagnostics from its most fascinating and modern facet.


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