Vendor of complete hair assessment solutions for clinical trials

TrichoLAB has extensive experience from hair studies all over the world. The lab provides an end-to-end solution for clinical trials from study protocol, imaging devices, data acquisition software, central storage and processing up to statistical analysis and customized project management. The technology solutions are combined with procedures and human expertise in the fields of trichoscopy, clinical testing, optics and IT, image processing and statistical analysis.

  • FotoFinder® state-of-the-art imaging technology for dermoscopy and clinical photos.
  • Easy to use data acquisition software ensuring proper camera configuration and examination protocol adherence.
  • Artificial Intelligence based automatic image processing algorithms.
  • Human assisted processing with independent operators examining each image.
  • Multilevel quality assurance by experienced analysts.
  • ONLINE live validation of images within minutes of registration at examination facility or clinic.
  • Integrated hardware & software environment optimized for quality, protocol adherence and security.
  • Central, online management of multisite projects.
  • FDA 21 CRF Part 11 and HIPPA compliant, ISO27001 and PCI DSS certified security infrastructure.

TrichoLAB studio™

Global photography and microscopic imaging all in one system.

TrichoLAB studio is a turnkey solution that combines a head positioning stand for high-resolution polarised global head photography with the FotoFinder® videodermatoscope for calibrated hair micro-imaging and unique TrichoLAB analysis tools. 

TrichoLAB Suite

Study-tailored imaging and data transfer software.

TrichoLAB Suite controls the cameras during examination and ensures proper setup of all optical and exposure parameters, guiding the examiner through the strict examination protocol. It is highly integrated online with the lab infrastructure.

Secure Server

Image centralisation with LIVE quality approval.

Online architecture simplifies central management of multi-site projects. Designed in accordance with GLP guidance it ensures data consistency, security and full track record in accordance to FDA 21 CRF Part 11 rules. The technical data security solutions meet HIPAA and ISO 27001 requirements for personal and medical data security.

Hair specification

with TrichoLAB Hair-to-hair Matching® technology.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used in combination with human expertise. Different procedures from simple specifications up to complete F-Mapping™ and Hair-to-Hair Matching® are performed. The final step of statistical analysis procedures is the aggregation of the results obtained for all subjects.