The TrichoLAB story

Who we are and how it all began

It was in 2013 when Hubert Lacki and Michal Kasprzak founded TrichoLAB in Warsaw (Poland) in order to support doctors with an easy, digital and non-invasive procedure for trichoscopic hair evaluation. Their vision was to overcome the disadvantages of complicated and inconvenient methods for hair examination and to bring trichoscopy into the daily routine of a modern practice or clinic.

From the first day, Hubert and Michal saw that doctors were mainly using FotoFinder technology for trichoscopy and skin imaging. FotoFinder Systems GmbH is a family-run company based in Bavaria (Germany) which is world leading in skin imaging since 1991.

Soon, a great partnership began which cumulated in the foundation of the joint TrichoLAB GmbH in 2015. The new partnership enabled the two TrichoLAB pioneers and their team to quicker realize their visions. Also for FotoFinder, the partnership represented a milestone, as cutting-edge software, hardware and camera technology were enriched by in-depth trichoscopic expertise.

This remarkable symbiosis has led to the development of several recent game changers, such as the follicular map concept, the patented technologies of Hair to Hair Matching® and Virtual Tattoo®. At TrichoLAB the future starts now with many further breakthrough concepts to come.

The expert lab for hair-exact analyses

TrichoLAB is a lab specializing in hair research and methods for following-up on hair and scalp disorders. With experience from hair studies around the world, it offers physicians, researchers and industry a complete service including imaging, data processing, statistical analysis and support with examination and follow-up. Even doctors who have lots of experience with hair diseases rely on TrichoLAB, as they save time by outsourcing complex assessments. It is not without reason that experts in more than 60 countries worldwide rely on TrichoLAB!

  • Unsurpassed quality and unmatched accuracy in trichoscopy imaging
  • Extensive specification and analysis functions
  • Innovative technologies for the determination of hair parameters
  • Statistical analysis with in depth reports
  • Direct link to the TrichoLAB second opinion service

For dermatologists

Detailed analysis & trichoscopic reports

Outsource complex measurements, save time and benefit from the experience of leading hair specialists with the TrichoLAB Service or from Artificial Intelligence of the Trichoscale AI software!

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For hair surgeons

Pre-operative analysis for surgery planning

TrichoLAB supports hair transplants by helping to exclude hair disorders that have a negative impact on success. The analysis of follicular units with the unique Transplanner  facilitates surgery planning.

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For researchers

Hair assessment technology vendor

TrichoLAB provides end-to-end solutions for clinical trials from imaging devices, data acquisition software, central storage and processing up to statistical analysis. Many successful studies prove the TrichoLAB concept.

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TrichoLAB worldwide


TrichoLAB GmbH
Industriestraße 12
84364 Bad Birnbach



TrichoLAB sp. z o.o.
ul. Wielicka 38
02-657 Warsaw


With the FotoFinder system and the TrichoLAB analysis method, I can offer my patients for the first time, a detailed and reliable examination method during their hair consultation. The results usually coincide with the clinically established diagnoses and with my many years of experience and motivate the patients to consistently carry out the recommended treatments. In addition, it offers the possibility of objectifiable follow-up checks during or after treatments.

Dr. David Bacman, Cologne

The comfortable TrichoLAB service is an innovative and very valuable solution, through which I can easily outsource the time-consuming evaluation of the trichoscopic parameters. If I have any questions, they are answered quickly, complicated cases can be discussed together - this makes the service particularly personal and interactive. When I need information about hair growth, I use the Trichoscale software to create a video trichogram.

Dr. Gabriele Feller-Heppt, Baden-Baden