Trichoscale AI

The expert tool with Artificial Intelligence for hair assessment in vivo

TrichoLAB enables automatic hair analysis of the next generation with the new Trichoscale AI expert system. Based on sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, the quantification of hair growth and loss achieves the highest precision. Fully integrated in the new TrichoLAB Suite environment, the software supports you in every step of the analysis. From patient preparation with Shave Assist to image acquisition with FotoWizzard and follow-up with Virtual Tattoo, our state-of-the-art AI algorithms prove to be extremely helpful tools in your daily work. This makes the non-invasive Trichoscale AI procedure even faster than its predecessor and provides all relevant parameters of hair growth and loss in unprecedented quality:


  • hair count
  • hair density
  • hair thickness (caliber)
  • hair length
  • hair growth
  • anagen/telogen rate
  • vellus/terminal rate
  • follicular units (grafts) density
  • percentage of single, double, triple and bigger follicular units
  • cumulative hair thickness

The procedure

non-invasive and without plucking!

Trichoscale AI provides an AI-assisted hair analysis which makes painful procedures such as epilations obsolete. As painful epilation is not necessary, patients do not have to abstain from hair cosmetics. The entire examination process is quick and convenient.

Virtual Tattoo

digital trichogram

In case a trichogram is required, reproducible images are easily captured. During the follow-up, the patented and AI-assisted Virtual Tattoo technology scans the follicle pattern and allows to find the same spot on the scalp as in the baseline image taken 48 hours before (follicular map concept). Based on the assumption that anagen hairs grow about 0.3 mm per day, Trichoscale AI determines the anagen/telogen rate.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Trichoscale AI is based on stunning AI-algorithms: Use Shave Assist for preparing your patients for trichoscopy, FotoWizzard for the imaging process and impressive Virtual Tattoo during follow-ups.

Instant Count

Automatic evaluation instead of clipping

An Instant Count mode is available for immediate determination of several hair parameters without clipping and regardless of the patient’s hair length. One click and you get information on the hair density, the number and density of terminal and vellus hair, the cumulative hair thickness, yellow dots and follicular units.

Smart Count

for manual analysis

The Smart Count mode was designed to give experienced users the possibility to assess each hair parameter individually. Simply select the single hairs to indicate and specify follicular units, number and density of vellus and terminal hairs, hair thickness as well as empty follicular units (yellow dots).

All results neatly summarized

Trichoscale AI offers a well-structured visualization of all crucial hair growth parameters, whether number of hairs and hair density, number and density of terminal and vellus hair, anagen/telogen rate, cumulative hair thickness or follicular units. It only takes a few mouse clicks in order to receive an individual report which is full of valuable details, statistics and charts.