Quantified hair surgery preparation

With the TrichoLAB Transplanner you can design hair transplants fast and precisely. Based on trichoscopy examination and standardized clinical images, it objectively calculates the available grafts in the donor area as well as the needed ones in the recipient area for an optimal result. The technology saves you and your patient time and quickly quantifies whether a surgery will be successful. All that at the very initial visit, without shaving the patient!

The expert software analyzes the vertex, frontal, temporal and occipital areas of the head and the characteristics of the hair. This gives informs the hair surgeon about the required number of follicular units (grafts) for the desired effect in the recipient area. At the same time, the software examines whether a patient is suited for a hair transplant and how many grafts are available. By suggesting an ideal harvesting and insertion density, Transplanner is a significant preparation tool for a safe transplant and optimum results.


The imaging process

Taking the required trichoscopic images for the assessment with Transplanner is convenient. In this tutorial you can see how to take overview images of the scalp in the forehead, temple and back of the head as well as several microscopic images for each area.

Design hair transplants

with easy image calibration

It is the versatility of the new TrichoLAB Transplanner that makes it the perfect preparation tool for hair surgeons. Since the requirements of every hair transplantation vary, the software allows the user to fully adapt to the individuality of each patient. Thanks to a flexible calibration, all the scalp areas to be analyzed can be easily determined by setting digital markers on the patient's head.  

Fully objective

and data-driven

The analysis of the follicular units and the other hair parameters informs the specialists about the availability of grafts in in the donor area, giving realistic insights of the patient's individual hair situation and the suitability for a surgery. This way, over-harvesting is avoided, while a precise recommendation regarding the hair insertion density per cm2 makes perfect results feasible.

For FUE and FUT

versatile suitability

The Transplanner expert tool can be used to prepare any hair transplant, regardless of what technique is planned for the surgery. For follicular unit excision (FUE) procedures it provides the doctor not only with the number of grafts available in the donor area and the one needed in the recipient area, but also with the density of harvesting and insertion per cm2. In case of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedures the software estimates the total number of grafts available within the whole area of a stripe. It also gives a possibility to assess joint FUT and FUE techniques.

Report function

Clear and lucid

The report function allows you to export the analysis results and keep an overview. Including all relevant parameters and photos, you get a detailed and yet concise summary on both the donor and recipient area. All crucial patient data perfectly documented and everything at a glance!

TrichoLAB studio

Photo documentation of hair transplants

We are proud to introduce to you the ideal imaging device for our software solutions and services: the TrichoLAB studio. Developed in close cooperation with FotoFinder, it is the first device combining standardized global imaging and precise microphotography both for surgical and non-surgical use. The FotoFinder portrait stand with unique PolFlash lighting system guarantees reproducible scalp photography. It can be swiveled 180° from left to right and allows you to take impressive cross-polarized global pictures to visualize the areas affected by hair loss (frontal, temporal, occipital, vertex, temple). In addition, the leviacam dermatoscope provides you with brilliant trichoscopic photos to give every patient the best care he or she needs. TrichoLAB studio with its lift control for seamless electronic height adjustment offers a contemporary and flexible working environment.

PolFlash lighting system

For impressive images with both cross and parallel polarization or non-polarized.


Lift control for height adjustment

The individual height adjustment allows flexible working while sitting or standing.

Portrait stand and head rest

The camera can be easily positioned at five viewing angles - for consistent images of face, neck and scalp.

FotoFinder leviacam

Featuring the FotoFinder leviacam, the TrichoLAB studio comes with impressive imaging technology. Find out more about the most compact camera with an unbeatable wide field of view.


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