Pre-surgery qualification:

The examination takes only a few minutes, without plucking, shaving or biopsy!

TrichoLAB provides you with detailed trichoscopic evaluations and a diagnostic conclusion from hair experts that can be used for pre-surgery qualification. The method is truly non-invasive, without clipping, depilation or biopsy. The TrichoLAB Report contains different parameters such as number of hairs, hair shaft diameter and follicular unit distribution. The trichoscopy examination is extremely easy: With the TrichoLAB Snaptool, overview images of the scalp in the forehead, temple and back of the head are taken as well as several microscopic images for each area. With a click of the mouse the images are transferred to the secure TrichoLAB server and evaluated there. 

Photo documentation of hair transplants

TrichoLAB studio is the first device combining standardized global imaging and precise microphotography both for surgical and non-surgical use. The FotoFinder portrait stand with unique PolFlash lighting system guarantees reproducible scalp photography. It can be swiveled 180° from left to right and allows you to take impressive cross-polarized global pictures to visualize the areas affected by hair loss (frontal, temporal, occipital, vertex, temple). In addition, the medicam or leviacam camera provides you with brilliant trichoscopic photos.

Design hair transplants:

The TransPlanner makes it easy to calculate the number of grafts without shaving!

With the TrichoLAB TransPlanner you can design hair transplants fast and precisely. Based on trichoscopy examination and standardized clinical images, it objectively calculates the available grafts in the donor area as well as the needed ones in the recipient area for an optimal result. TransPlannerprovides you with the following information:

  • Total number of grafts
  • Available number of grafts
  • Needed number of grafts
  • Density of harvesting and inserting

The technology saves you and your patient time and quickly quantifies whether a surgery will be successful. All that at the very initial visit, without shaving the patient!

TrichoLAB studio

Cutting-edge imaging technology for hair experts and surgeons

Polarized global photography and trichoscopy

Brilliant consistent baseline and follow-up images and
optical super-high precision trichoscopy

Long hair microscopy assessment

assessment with Smart Count

Trichoscopy Report

with SELF or LAB assessment

Second Trichoscopy Opinion

from random or chosen expert

Short hair microscopy

assessment with Instant Count

Anagen/Telogen Report

with Virtual Tattoo® technology