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TrichoLAB ON HAIR is a unique series of webinars with top speakers from all over the world. Each event creates the opportunity to meet the best specialists in their field from the comfort of your home or practice. The aim is to bring together our worldwide community to share our knowledge. We look forward to seeing you there.

Feel free to join the TrichoLAB ON HAIR live events and meet top speakers virtually no matter which corner of the world you are in. 

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Past events

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TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Prof. Gavazzoni & Prof. Ovcharenko

Recorded on 04 September 2021

"Psychotrichology - all about the patient"
When discussing hair loss diagnostics and hair loss treatment, of course it is crucial to always think about the patient. This TrichoLAB ON HAIR webinar is fully devoted to the psychological context of hair loss. Once again, world-famous experts will share their knowledge and experience on psychodermatoses and the psychology of hair loss. Additionally, you will learn how modern technology helps to gain the patients' trust and compliance.

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TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Prof. Messenger & Dr. Van Neste

Recorded on 29 July 2021

"Hair Research. What to measure and why?"
Hair follicle is a complexed structure hidden inside the skin. This webinar TrichoLAB ON HAIR is dedicated to hair assessment. This time, as before, two world experts will build the bridge between hair-follicle physiology and its manifestation on the skin surface, which can be assessed quantitatively. You can learn which hair parameters can be used to monitor hair conditions.

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TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Prof. Tosti & Dr. Bourezane

Recorded on 25 June 2021

"Hair in time of COVID-19"
The changing situation requires ability to adapt, both on patients' and doctors' side. This webinar TrichoLAB ON HAIR is dedicated to patients suffering from hair loss in the COVID-19 era. This time, again, two world-famous experts will share with you their work experiences during the pandemic. Additionally, you will learn how to use the latest technologies in everyday practice, also in telemedicine.

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TrichoLAB ON HAIR with Dr. Bisanga & Dr. Vañó Galván

Recorded on 12 May 2021

"Contraindications in Hair Surgery"
With the improvement of medical devices, doctors have access to new tools they can use to enhance their possibilities. With this TrichoLAB ON HAIR webinar we start online meetings dedicated to hair science. This time two worldwide renowned hair experts will give you some clues on planning hair surgery and avoiding problems. You will also learn how you can benefit from using newest technology in your daily practice.

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