Full Hair Assessment Environment

All you need for in-vivo hair analyses

Whether you are a doctor, a scientist and/or a researcher – TrichoLAB provides you with a set of modules which you can use for all kind of in-vivo hair assessment.

All software is compatible with any FotoFinder device.

TrichoLAB Snap

The heart of FotoFinder systems when doing trichoscopic hair analysis or hair research: our template based TrichoLAB snap guided photography software enables users to take perfectly calibrated hair images for the further assessment either self or lab based.

TrichoLAB TransPlanner

The unique full scalp assessment tool for hair surgeons combines global and micro photography. TransPlanner enables doctors to assess both donor and recipient areas to optimize the number of grafts needed for surgery, helping to avoid overharvesting. Thus, the best possible surgery result can be achieved.

FotoFinder Trichoscale pro

Whenever a standarized phototrichogram is needed, the expert system automatically assesses hair cycle disturbancies based on the anagen-telogen rate on shaved hair; in addition, an instant count can be done immediately after shaving. >>>MORE

TrichoLAB snApp

The unique trichoscopy app has been designed for FotoFinder handyscope and provides you with a gateway to TrichoLAB on mobile devices. It is a lite version of TrichoLAB Snap – and a wireless and affordable option for the lite users. >>>Download